By Gisele Huff

In May 2019, I spent a week in New York City where I met Andrew Yang at his campaign headquarters, a small suite of almost bare rooms in a nondescript office building staffed by seven people. My reason for being there was because my late son, Gerald Huff, had been a very early supporter of Andrew’s and had enlisted me to do the same. By showcasing UBI as the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, Andrew transformed it from a little-known academic discussion to a mainstream, national topic of conversation.

Gerald died of pancreatic cancer in November 2018 at the age of 54, seven weeks after he was diagnosed. Reeling from my devastating loss, I founded the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity to promote UBI, a cause that Gerald was passionate about and that he incorporated in the techno-thriller he wrote, Crisis 2038, which was published posthumously. It can be downloaded free as an audiobook here: …


Income Movement

We are a people powered movement working together to pass basic income. |

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