Bringing 2 million petition signatures to Senators leads to an open letter to the Biden administration

By Annie Flom

When we sign a petition or take part in a digital action, we sometimes forget the power our voices can have. A few clicks here, a couple keystrokes there, and your name is added — a simple act that takes seconds to complete. The simplicity makes it easy to assume you didn’t do very much at all. Even as you watch the number of petition signatures increase rapidly, from 300 to 10,000 to 1.5 million, you still wonder: is this going to make a difference?

The same goes for small local actions. Gathering with a few of…

One woman’s work to get UBI onto the screens and into the hearts of Americans.

By Diane Pagen

People who care about winning a Universal Basic Income (UBI) have done many things to push it into the public consciousness and onto the desks of public servants. Over the years, a host of things including flyers, street outreach, interviews, calling elected officials, public art, community groups, conferences, demonstrations, and now many online activities are ways people have worked to move progress on UBI.

No one ever thought of doing a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Until 2021. Until Gisèle Huff.

I remember PSAs when I was a kid. They were short and to the point. They helped…

Delivering the people’s demands for monthly stimulus checks.

By Stacey Rutland

We all know part of adulting is paying the bills. And when you don’t, the consequences include losing the service you were charged for.

This is the simple idea behind the Make It Monthly campaign we launched at Income Movement: to push our elected leaders to pay monthly stimulus checks to the people during this health and financial crisis. Congress has failed to provide the millions of Americans struggling under the crushing financial weight of the pandemic with adequate relief. $1,800 over nearly a year barely covers a single month of rent in most of the country…

By Gisele Huff

In May 2019, I spent a week in New York City where I met Andrew Yang at his campaign headquarters, a small suite of almost bare rooms in a nondescript office building staffed by seven people. My reason for being there was because my late son, Gerald Huff, had been a very early supporter of Andrew’s and had enlisted me to do the same. By showcasing UBI as the centerpiece of his presidential campaign, Andrew transformed it from a little-known academic discussion to a mainstream, national topic of conversation.

Gerald died of pancreatic cancer in November 2018…

Part II: Together, We Will Bring Recurring Cash Payments to the People

By Chelsea Wilkinson

Every passing month, the lack of financial relief provided to the people during this pandemic has created an extremely dire and heartbreaking situation to witness in this country. With the end of the year arriving, and as the pandemic rages out of control, the majority of the population has been pushed into a survival mode as they grapple to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Since March, Income Movement has prioritized the work of our entire organization around pressuring Congress to provide recurring cash payments to people in stimulus and recovery…

Income Movement’s grassroots fundraising philosophy.

By Diane Pagen

Money makes the world go round” wrote Fred Ebb for the famous musical. As activists for a Universal Basic Income, we know money matters very much. That’s why we believe in a basic income, so that people’s focus can be on living, on building community, on healing the planet, on creative solutions to our problems. People are suffering from poverty, homelessness, and malnutrition. There is no doubt that fighting for a consistent basic income is the most important fight of 2021.

For Giving Tuesday, Income Movement is kicking off our week-long Fall Fundraising effort. We are asking…

Part 1: Looking back with gratitude.

By Chelsea Wilkinson

Income Movement takes a philosophy of abundance to heart with the work we do, and hopes to model this through our actions within the non-profit and activist space. Our women-led team brings to the table a diverse history of experience as volunteers, and we take this experience into intention. We aspire to start conversations, find creative solutions, and bring a positive culture to the basic income movement.

What does an approach of abundance look like?

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Unsplash

To overcome our biggest hurdles, we seek out collaboration, planning, and resourcefulness. Competition, possession, and selfishness are antithetical to abundance. We imagine…

By Chelsea Wilkinson

The 2020 Election Day is less than a week away and most people in our country are feeling anxiety and dread for both the results and possible reactions to those results. General elections are usually an escalation of energy, an insane media cycle, and a restless impatience to know the results. But this election may be the most important election of our lifetime and will set the path our country will travel down for quite some time.

In “normal times” we would see November 3rd as a finish line where we would find relief from the frenzy…

By Gisele Huff, Founder and President of Fund for Humanity

I despair. Because of the extraordinary, devastating circumstances in which we find ourselves, we have a once in several lifetimes opportunity to remake our world. And most of us are wearing blinders. Much like the Allegory of the Cave in Plato’s Republic, we are chained to its bottom, unable to turn, watching images parading in front of us that are reflections of objects being manipulated behind us by people we cannot see. And we think these images are real, we think they are the lives we live.

This article is…

Starting a conversation about how to navigate a growing UBI candidate landscape

By Stacey Rutland

In the 2020 election cycle we have seen more than 30 candidates run for U.S. Congress on a platform of universal basic income (UBI). We have one candidate in California, David Kim, who has made it through the primary and is now fighting hard in the general election. This is an amazing milestone for Kim, and for the basic income community. If we continue to grow this movement exponentially each year, we may see as many as 100+ candidates run on basic income in 2022. …

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